The crystal gemstones beads are 10mm (Adults) and 8mm (Children’s) and come in a variety of colours. Each stone has its own healing properties, but usually the one you pick is the one that is meant for you. Each piece of jewellery is created with love, joy and peace.

The cost for these beautiful items are as follows:

Adult Bracelets with Charms are from $35

Adult Bracelets with a Cross are from $35

Adult Male Bracelets are from $35

Children Bracelets with Charms are from $30

Suncatchers are $25

All the crystals are cleansed to remove any unwanted energies they may have collected through the processes and are re-energised with positive healing energy to help restore their individual properties and benefits.

Each bracelet comes in a black velvet pouch with an information card about the crystal gemstone bracelet you have chosen.