Saint Charms

There are many different charms to choose from, including special Angel and Saint medallions, each carrying their own meaning.  Wear them to help you feel divinely guided and protected on your own life journey.

The following angel and saint charms are available:

Archangel Michael – Patron saint of strength, courage and protection. He assists you with your life purpose and is a powerful healer. He is also the patron saint of people who are sick and those who work in dangerous conditions such as military personnel, police, security officers, and paramedics.

St Christopher – Patron saint of safe travel, motorists, athletes, surfers and floods. He is the protector of children and a patron saint of ailments and illness.

Guardian Angel – Assigned to protect and guide you in life. They offer unconditional love and keep you safe.

St Mary (the Blessed Virgin) – Patron saint of all humanity. She provides comfort, support and hope. Saint Mary is patron saint of many occupations including mothers, blood donors, travellers, cooks, construction workers, people who make clothes and jewellery.

St Gerard – Patron saint for expectant mothers, child birth, children and motherhood. He is credited with aiding contraception, fertility and safe births.

St Mary of the Cross (Mary Mackillop) – Patron saint of Australia.

However, if there is another angel/saint you prefer, then we can try to source it for you.